Aspen Green Christmas Gnomes at Curbside Boutique

Gnome For Christmas

The oblong-shaped key fob glistened in the sun as the man sat in his car, waiting for his wife to finish shopping. He hadn't been able to find the perfect Christmas eve present for his wife, so he had decided to wait until it presented itself. They had a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas eve. It was usually something fun and whimsical. I'll have to save the story of how that tradition started, for another day. Getting pack to our little story, the perfect moment had come as he spotted a pair of gnomes sitting on the bench. He excited the car and picked up the gnomes from the bench. How odd that someone would leave them sitting there. He inspected the gnomes and they looked perfectly fine. Green was her favorite color. The perfect Christmas eve gift truly had presented itself. He headed back to the car, opened the trunk, and pulled out a reusable shopping bag. He placed the gnomes in the bag and returned the bag to the trunk. He returned to the driver's seat of the car and put the key fob in the cup holder. He reclined the seat, relaxed, and watched the holiday shoppers. 
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