Mono B Snakeskin Print Activewear

Mono B + Berness Athletic Shoes

Mono B is an athleisure company run by women and based in LA. Inclusivity is important to Mono B, who offers both plus and regular sizes. Their designs have function in mind, with some made for being highly active, and some made for lounging. Mono B makes it possible to move your body in style and comfort, while still being affordable.

Berness Shoes has a special affinity for sneakers and athletic shoes, its unique designs keep customers coming back for more. High-quality is a must for any shoe, especially athletic ones. That's why Berness focuses on using the best materials for its shoes, while also keeping comfort, support, and function in mind. Despite this, Berness still keeps its prices low.  Berness offers everything from timeless styles to trendy and innovative designs, all made to keep your feet looking and feeling great!

These two brands go hand-in-hand with their high-performance activewear and athletic shoes, so take the opportunity to expand your activewear wardrobe.  Activewear and athleisure, including athletic shoes, are quintessential to the modern wardrobe, functioning as easy outfits for daily activities, practical pieces necessary for taking health into your own hands, and loungewear for resting and relaxing (which is also critical to your health!) You can't go wrong with adding some activewear styles to your wardrobe.

Now is the time to stock up on activewear and athletic shoes. Mono B activewear and Berness athletic shoes on sale 40% off now through September 28th. Once they're gone, they're gone! 

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