Photo Shoot Photos

Photo Shoot Photos

Hello and welcome back to CB News. I had planned to post some pictures a couple weeks ago. Where does the time go? A few days has turned into a few weeks. Without further ado, the following are pictures from my first photo shoot.  Items will be available this month. So, check back frequently.

The first item to drop from this mini collection "Every Day Style" is the Sage Halter Maxi Dress. The dress will be available at midnight.

 Sage Halter Maxi DressHippie Rose Sleeveless Olive Top and Exposed Zipper Jean

The Hippie Rose Pioneer Olive Sleeveless Top is available now. 

Exposed Zipper Jean is shown paired with the Hippie Rose Olive Sleeveless Top.

 Sage Halter Maxi Dress and Summer Nights Polka Dot Maxi DressStripe Oversized Button Down Tunic

Summer Nights Polka Dot Maxi Dress will be available July 18 or 19. I am working on a collaboration with Gottem Pressed. Gottem Pressed has some gorgeous nails. You can check them out on etsy: 

Stripe Oversized Button Down Tunic is worn with a pair of white capri's from my closet. 

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