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Hawaiian Breeze Candle

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Our Hawaiian Breeze will make any room in your home feel like a tropical oasis. Our handmade Hawaiian Candles use all natural soy wax, this combines the floral fragrances of orchid, tuberose and awapuhi for an intriguing and subtle aroma. Our Hawaiian Candles possess the finest natural essential oils, you’ll love smelling hints of vanilla, sandalwood and light musk throughout your home. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, this offers approximately 60 hours of burn time. Order your Hawaiian Breeze Premium Soy Candle from Curbside boutique today!

Burn Time:  Approximately 60 Hours
Wax: Produced from US Grown Soy Beans. All Natural Soy Wax
Wicks: Cotton Eco-Wicks, Lead & Zinc Free
Net Weight: 8.5 Ounces
Material: 50% Recycled Glass
Dimensions: Width 2.75", Depth 2.75", Height 3.25"

If you are looking for fancy soy candles that provide that unique gift for that special someone, you have come to the right place. These premium blend soy candles are so beautiful that many customers re-purpose and re-use for potting plants, a vase for flowers, tidying your vanity area, pencil pots for your desk, or to simply keep your candle matches tidy.

On behalf of Curbside Boutique, we invite you to indulge your senses with one of our  best selling candles!

*****Note: This candle is shipped from the manufacturers warehouse in Florida and can take 5 business days to process before shipping out the candle.