Rejuvenate Gift Set - Spray + Breathe + Soak

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Gift Set

This trio comes wrapped and ready to gift! Packaged in a Kraft box with a clear lid so the contents are easily and beautifully displayed!

The gift set includes Eucalyptus Shower Spray. Invigorate your shower routine and bring the spa to your home every day with this eucalyptus shower spray. Eucalyptus Shower Spray provides a calming, cooling and refreshing experience to help you reduce stress before work or before bed!

Lavender Oatmeal Soak. Oatmeal has incredible healing properties, and when combined with the power of dried herbs creates the ultimate bath experience. Throw in the tub and let steep for a mess free oatmeal bath. This bath soak combines organic oatmeal and dried lavender!

Breathe Roller. This roll on uses a blend of pure essential oils that relieves congestion, helps with respiratory issues and opens up the nose, throat & lungs.

Made in USA

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